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Tuesday, 04 November 2008 03:41

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We would like to welcome you to the Audubon Estates Subdivision.  You will find that this is a friendly community.  Our subdivision has a Neighborhood Association formed in November of 1996. 

This subdivsion was developed in 1988 and has grown to 125 homes.   In May of 1996, several homeowners met and started the process of organizing a neighborhood association for the good of the subdivision with several objectives in mind.  The primary purpose of the Association is to protect our largest invvestment, our home value, through the enforcement of the coventants that are attached to each home regardless of membership in the Association.   Other reasons for the Association are communication through our quarterly newsletter, maintenance of the island, lights, sign, landscaping and any other activities that benefit the neighborhood. 

The structure of the board of directors is such that you have a person for your section of the subdivision called an "Area Contact".  The Area Contact is a member of the board and is your channel of communication to the organization.   We also have a post office box and an email address where questions or comments may be sent. 

You will find a copy of the Audubon Estates Covenants and Restrictions.  This information should have been given to the owner at the time the home was purchased. Unfortunately, we have found that some homeowners were not aware of this document, and not aware that as a result of purchasing a home in this subdivision, they are bound by the covenants and restriction regardless of their membership in the Association.  Items #12, appearance, #15 signs, #17 ‘habitual parking’ have been the restrictions not followed the most.  The Covenants were not attached to the property to be unfriendly or negative but to protect the value of every home in the subdivision.      

We would like to invite you to join the Audubon Estates Neighborhood Association.   We have regular board meetings and annual meeting to elect new officers as required by our Articles of Associaion.  The Annual meeting is held in Spetember of each year.  If you have interest in participating in the organization, just inform any of the board members.  This is an all volunteer organization and all of the funds are used for the benefit of the subdivision. 

The annual dues are $25.00.   Contact your Area Contact to pay your dues.  

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